Construction of the robot, firmware and software programming, different platform support (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.). Visualization software and connections with different devices (PC, Mobile). As well as Simulation engines for testing
Technologies: C++, Python, Assembler, Tensorflow, OpenCV

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Artificial intelligence

Machine learning/deep learning is the core and the main idea for many of our projects. Our dedicated team actively researches new technologies and adds the existing ones to one global library to accelerate development of current and future projects. This team is currently working on adapting new technologies for Embedded Systems.
Technologies: TensorFlow, Caffe, SkFlow, C/C++, Python, Java, JS

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EDA Tool-Chain, Embedded SW R&D

Frontend R&D, Simulator, Debugger, Place and Route, Bitstream generators, Build System, QA, DSP module generators, Image Processing library.
Technologies: C++, Boost, Matlab, Simulated Annealing, ILP, SystemC, Verilog, CMake/CTest

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